Flyer Power

With the omnipresence of the internet of the internet and emails you could be lulled into thinking that physical print had had its day, but this is certainly not the case.  In fact, Advertising Association research reveals that the printing advertising grew by 8.1% in 2015, and is forecasted to grow by 3.8% in average over coming years as the overload in electronic communication reduces its effects.

So, why in a world where we can communicate instantly with our target market through the click of a button are we still engaging them through direct marketing?

Well the answers are many!

Firstly, flyers and leaflets provide something physical for your customers to hold on to in a world where so much is virtual.  Emails can be deleted at the click of a button.   Flyers can be slipped into diaries, pinned to the fridge or handed around.  It’s estimated that nearly 80% of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a direct mail flyer.

Secondly, leaflet distribution is one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising. According to Royal Mail, 92% of people read the door drops delivered to their homes and 59% of them have visited the company’s website.  Leaflets are an ideal to way to sell in a non-invasive manner.  Money-off or discount flyers can be even more effective and are 50% more likely to held on to.

Thirdly, printed media give your business the opportunity to get creative.   You can choose from various stocks, textures, sizes, designs, colours and finishes to make your business or event stand out.  Why not finish your flyer with a touch of gold foil?

Fourthly, printed items can be used in a multitude of ways, from door drops to inserts in magazines and newspapers or as part of an instore promotion.

An understandable concern for people is the environmental impact of print.  However, the printing process is constantly becoming more environmentally friendly, refining its materials and processes to reduce its impact.  Additionally at Woodblock we only use paper certified by the FSC and are accredited by the Carbon Capture scheme which is run in conjunction with The Woodland Trust.  Also, a whopping 72% of all the paper in this country is now recycled.

Clearly, other forms of advertising have their merit and part to play, and we, like most businesses use various marketing methods.  We find the most effective approach is to combine different media to try to capture people’s imaginations and attention.

So, here are a top five tips for creating a flyer to help your business soar:

1/ Decide on your layout.  Think about the size, number of pages and format.  Will it be folded, single or double sided, A4, A5, A6?

2/ Plan your headline.  Make it punchy and compelling.

3/ Decide on your message.  What are you trying to achieve?  Make sure your content is informative and contains all the key points but keep it short.  Long passages of text will put people off. Bullet points can be a good idea.  A call to action really helps and as mentioned, discounts and incentives aid flyer retention.

4/ Use great images.  These will capture customer’s attention and draw them in.

5/ Use Woodblock to make it all happen!