The importance of Stationery

Who doesn’t love new stationery?  That clean, blank page, those crisp unsullied business cards, that stacks of fresh white letterheads.  It’s the stuff of back to school dreams!

Smart, stand out business stationery is still absolutely imperative to a successful operation.  The internet provides efficiency and speed but the physicality of stationery offers a multitude of benefits.

Business cards provide the best networking marketing tool, what better way to end of a chance meeting or a successful event than to hand your potential customer a physical reminder of you and your business.

Well designed business stationery can reflect your company’s professionalism and style, demonstrating attention to detail.  Think 100% recycled stocks to reinforce your commitment to environmental sustainability or hand finished business cards to set you apart from the competition.

Customised business stationery enables brand reinforcement, ensuring that every communication received by your customers reminds them of your product, service and professionalism.  Having consistent branding across your marketing materials can also build trust and make your business more legitimate in the eyes of potential customers.

In a very basic way, business stationery can aid the efficient operation of your company.  Ensuring that staff have the right tools at their disposal and can work productively rather than scrabbling around trying to find scraps of paper to scribble on.  Providing stationery with accurate, easily visible contact details instantly makes your business more accessible and appealing to customers.

Arming employees with customised stationery for meetings, not only makes them look more professional but can also offer a further marketing opportunity as they flash your logo about wherever they go!  Smart stationery will make your employees feel more confident in your brand and better prepared and able to sell.  Additionally, there is a very real and unashamed geeky stationery addiction amongst a lot of us!  According to research from Lyreco, ‘four in 10 feel these geeky traits actually make you more productive’.  Nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing something off a list!

At Woodblock we have years of experience in creating stand out stationery.  We can help you through the whole process, from logo design if necessary, to guidance on the choice of stocks, formats and layouts and the right finishes to reflect your corporate identity.  Whilst some have totally justifiable concerns about the ‘greeness’ of stationery, we can assure you that all our paper is sourced from FSC accredited suppliers and we offer a good selection of  recycled stocks and options.  We are also part of the Carbon Capture scheme in association with The Woodland Trust.   So you can be confident that these highly effective marketing tools are also environmentally sensitive.

So, what’s stopping you?  Give us a call or email us (I said it has its uses!) to find out about our great prices on letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, brochures, flyers, booklets and every other stationery need you might have.

The survey was completed by OnePoll on behalf of Lyreco with 2,000 office workers polled between Thursday 1 February to Monday 5 February, 2018.