The most important marketing tool?

Business cards are all about creating a great first and lasting impression, they are a professional must have.  No matter how big or small your company, a business card is the number one networking tool.  People expect them, it creates opportunity for future contact, so make yours count by creating a truly striking one that reflects your brand and gives people a good feeling about your company.

Even in the digital age we live in, business cards still play a vital part in the world of business and can be key to success.  It’s estimated that a company’s sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out.  A good business card must reflect the style and ethos of the brand, don’t miss out on the opportunity to wow your audience by presenting a mediocre card, instead make an impact by creating a stand out, luxury business card that highlights the key aspects of your business.

Like a lot of things now, business cards are all too often a cheap, disposable after thought.  But to disregard them this way is to miss a trick.  Having the chance to give someone something physical with which to remind them of you or your business is a precious thing.  It is far easier to delete a faceless email than dispose of an interesting business card.  Making us laugh, being useful, or just awesome design can really set you apart from the competition.  Don’t think, ‘vista print will do’, business cards can be key to selling your product or service

Did you know that we can also design the layout of your card?

At Woodblock we have been creating eye catching business cards for many years, we can design, help inspire you or simply layout your design.  With so many design and printing options it can be tricky to ensure you achieve the card you are hoping and paying for so get in touch and let us help you create the ultimate business card.

We offer a range of stocks, including Colorplan, Nomad, Plike, Pop’ Set, Vanguard and Cranes (cotton); weights, including 270, 350, 540, 600 and 700gsm; and an exhaustive selection of colours.  For our range of silk 450gsm business cards the option of matt or soft touch laminate are available.  The business cards are 85mm x 55mm.  We have a small minimum order quantity of just one hundred cards.

Around 10million business cards are printed every year with an estimated 8 million hitting the bin within a week-don’t let yours be one of them.  Stand out from the beige crowd and shine!